A mable (model table) data class (mdl_df) is a tibble-like data structure for applying multiple models to a dataset. Each row of the mable refers to a different time series from the data (identified by the key columns). A mable must contain at least one column of time series models (mdl_ts), where the list column itself (lst_mdl) describes how these models are related.

mable(..., key = NULL, model = NULL)



<dynamic-dots> A set of name-value pairs. These arguments are processed with rlang::quos() and support unquote via !! and unquote-splice via !!!. Use := to create columns that start with a dot.

Arguments are evaluated sequentially. You can refer to previously created elements directly or using the .data pronoun. To refer explicitly to objects in the calling environment, use !! or .env, e.g. !!.data or .env$.data for the special case of an object named .data.


Structural variable(s) that identify each model.


Identifiers for the columns containing model(s).