A mable (model table) data class (mdl_df) is a tibble-like data structure for applying multiple models to a dataset. Each row of the mable refers to a different time series from the data (identified by the key columns). A mable must contain at least one column of time series models (mdl_ts), where the list column itself (lst_mdl) describes how these models are related.

mable(..., key = NULL, model = NULL, models = NULL)



A set of name-value pairs. Arguments are evaluated sequentially, so you can refer to previously created elements. These arguments are processed with rlang::quos() and support unquote via !! and unquote-splice via !!!. Use := to create columns that start with a dot.


Structural variable(s) that identify each model.


Identifiers for the columns containing model(s).


Deprecated in favour of the model argument.